FAO Schwarz
Flagship Store, Children's Department
New York, NY
25,000 SF
While the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City remains an iconic and popular tourist destination, FAO Schwarz want to increase visits by it regular customer base: parents with small children.

The redesign of the children's department on the lower level involved reconfiguring the lighting and circulation to establish clear and compelling way-finding from the base of the escalators. Looping pathways were created to provide access to general merchandise in the center and themed/branded character destinations along the way. Careful attention was given to establishing focal points along pathways and 'events' at twists and turns like a storytelling amphitheater.

The first priority for this project, however, was creating well appointed and attended bathrooms so that mothers, and nannies, not only felt comfortable bringing their children to the store but were also welcomed to do so for simply being in the neighborhood. In addition to increasing foot traffic into the children's section and store, the amenities help build customer loyalty.