Interface Fabrics
Design Studio and Sales Office
New York, NY
9,000 SF
The relocation of Interface Fabrics' studio coincided with the company's reorganization and newly defined business objectives. These objectives included a focus on developing synergies between business units, reinforcing their position as a premiere manufacturer, and further development into sustainable processes and products.

The 5th Avenue penthouse studio and sales offices essential served as a place to study and develop textiles with clients and partners. The program included presentation rooms for the reviews and collaborations, design studios with substantial resource and work-product areas, and storage for archived textiles and spools of thread. The open-plan design oriented the studio along large, north-facing, windows while placing support and amenities along the south core.

Fabric, made by Interface Fabrics, was showcased as architectural elements throughout. In addition to cladding pin-up walls with the latest textiles, fabric was stretched across frames to create ceilings and walls while also used as a tensile canopy at the pantry and lunchroom.