Portland, OR
52,800 SF
The renovation of WHS’s 80,000 SF headquarters was designed to promote interaction between the technology, client services, marketing and executive groups while creating a conference center to service clients and partners.
Bridging three distinct areas separated by a reception area and a core of lavatories required the reconfiguration of core space, primary and secondary circulation, and the linking of strategically placed common areas for meeting and impromptu gatherings.
Adjacent to the reception area is a newly created “Court” with a circular bar and feature wall that acts as both a node for primary circulation as well as an event space for regular gatherings. The primary circulation leads from the buildings center atrium toward secondary circulation along the open perimeter allowing views of the Willamette River and Cascade Mountains from any space.
New workspace standards provide flexibility and efficiency allowed the doubling of diverse conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other amenities.
Two state-of-the-art large boardrooms are directly off the reception area and with a circulation loop that is flanked by differing-sized conference rooms and an open panty/bar.
Large expanses of whiteboard and pin-up walls in open areas support collaboration within and between departments.