New York Blood Center
Donor Center
New York, NY
2,200 SF
Expanding their successful corporate partnership program, New York Blood Center chose to use the new donor center at the concourse level of the MetLife Building, to create an environment that improved the return rates of donors. The overall strategy was to create a welcoming environment that focused on the donor's comfort, promotion of mission, and acknowledgement of the benefits each donor provides to the community. In addition to developing a new prototype, this retail location had to maximize capacity during blood drives while also being used as a whole-blood donation site.

Collecting donations is a challenging process that requires receiving and interviewing donors, collecting and carefully processing product, while maintaining the donor's comfort and re-acclimating them before discharge. Doing this while maintaining the integrity of the donor's privacy and meeting stringent clinical requirements in a small location required a re-engineering of the donor and product flow, review and adjustments to protocols, and the involvement of the entire organization to ensure their standards were always met.