HeartShare Human Services of New York
Brooklyn, NY
32,000 SF
HeartShare's headquarters relocation coincided with a consolidation of program from various sites. In addition to achieving economies in cost and operational efficiency by placing these groups on a single floor, HeartShare wanted to take a more active role in promoting their mission to their partners and clients while reinforcing their goals with staff.

Finding the best space based on cost as well as their diverse program (including executive, development, financial, and various programs) required an exhaustive search and analysis of over 12 sites in Brooklyn. The selected site's (12 MetroTech Center) off-center core proved idea for supporting HeartShare's public and private spaces.

Large training rooms and the boardroom are directly off the main reception area and create a public space for visitors. Environmental graphics tell HeartShare's stories, promotes on-going programs, along with a timeline showing the evolution of this 100 year-old organization. Corridors for staff loop around the building's core and are used to facilitate interaction between differing programs and staff groups as well as promoting the organization's defined goals and objectives through displays, recognition of achievement, and reinforcing the benefits HeartShare provides to the community.