New Jersey Blood Center
Donor Center
Scotch Plains, NJ
3,600 SF
New Jersey Blood Center's donor center relocation to a retail site in Scotch Plains, NJ was used an opportunity to rollout a new prototype, expand donor outreach and improve on return rates of donors.

This new facility transformed their previously clinically-oriented spaces that focused on gathering and processing product into a welcoming, comfortable space that provided amenities and services to make donor visits more relaxing while also recognizing their important contribution to the community.

Maintaining a open plan layout, program areas were placed, configured and screened to private the appropriate degree of privacy as the donor progress from reception, interview, preparation, donation, and re-acclimation. Clinical areas for processing product were centered within the space while being open to the rest of the floor so that staff could process product while staying in contact with donors at all times. Careful placement and screening of equipment and product was required to maintain the overall hospitality-like setting while providing staff with the most efficient way to handle product during blood drives.